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Capital Infusion Will Strengthen Bank's Condition,
Fund Strategic Measures Designed to Drive Growth

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (June 6, 2016) — California International Bank, N.A. (CIB), the first federally chartered Vietnamese-American community bank, today announced that it has received a $4.5 million capital injection. The infusion of capital-which has the effect of increasing owners' equity by more than 43 percent to $14.9 million-was made through an investment by its Chairman of the Board, Hien Quang Do, the Bank's largest shareholder.

The Bank also disclosed that its Board of Directors reached agreement on an additional $4.5 million capital injection to be made during the first quarter of fiscal 2017, which will be used to expand CIB's lending capacity and further strengthen its overall financial condition. This additional investment is indicative of both the strong commitment of and consensus between the Bank's principal shareholder and the Board of Directors regarding CIB's future direction.

In addition to strengthening CIB's financial condition, this recent equity capital investment will be used "to promote comprehensive innovation and to develop initiatives to meet the diverse needs of the Bank's clients," stated Mr. Do.

The CIB Chairman continued: "This $4.5 million investment will build the Bank's operational capacity, scale and competitiveness, as well as improve governance capabilities. We believe it also will strengthen risk management and enable advanced-technology platforms with solutions that fully meet our clients' financial needs.

"The capital raise is consistent with our Board of Directors' plan to strengthen CIB's financial condition and operating position. It is indicative of the financial resources we bring to bear, as well as the determination of board members and principal shareholders to lead CIB's step-by-step transformation into a sound, solid and competitive financial institution. From an operating standpoint, CIB seeks to become a best-in-class companion bank-a premier Asian-American institution in this region-offering optimal solutions for its communities and businesses," Mr. Do concluded.

CIB Chief Executive Officer Benjamin J. Lin stated: "The capital injection will advance the Bank's strategic agenda which calls for developing a range of retail financial products and services, applying the most comprehensive technology, to create a hub for its clients' diverse requirements. These include innovations targeting CIB's various customer segments and industry sectors to better compete in the marketplace."

CIB, formerly Saigon National Bank, opened its doors to business in Westminster (Orange County, California, USA) in December 2005. The first federally chartered Vietnamese community bank, the Bank focuses on products and services that support development of the vibrant Vietnamese-American community in Southern California, other locally owned businesses in Orange County, as well as the diverse communities in neighboring areas of the region.

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