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Online Banking is the simple, safe, and secure way to bank. You can manage and monitor your finances and financial activities around-the-clock with our free, easy-to-use online services.

Convenient, 24-hour secure access to your California International Bank, N.A. accounts lets you get the information you need, whenever you need it. The features that are available include:

Check your account balances and activity

  • Reduce the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft by keeping track of all your account balances every day
  • Review a daily statement of activity for the current month
  • Verify transaction activity for checking accounts, savings accounts and debit cards

View paid check images

  • See an image of each check you write on the day it is paid
  • Verify that it was received by the party you sent it to
  • Print your own copy for up to 90 days after it is paid

View account statements and transactions

  • Research transactions from as long as 12 months ago
  • Search for items by amount, check number, or date
  • Verify whether or not a check was paid
  • Easily locate an item when you can't remember the exact date or dollar amount

Transfer funds between your accounts at California International Bank, N.A.

  • Transfer idle funds to higher earning savings or money market accounts for greater earning power
  • Transfer funds into your checking account from savings to cover checks you have written

Email alerts automatically keep you aware of account activity

  • Receive notification if your account balance exceeds or falls below amounts you specify
  • Receive notification when wire transfers or ACH transactions are received
  • Reduce identity theft opportunities by keeping aware of your account activity.

To preview Online Banking, simply Click here and follow the instructions for accessing the "demo" account.

Click to ask one of our electronic banking specialists about Online Banking services tailored for your company or personal needs.

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