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California International Bank, N.A. online business banking solutions bring you powerful and versatile Internet products and tools that give you a variety of possibilities for managing your cash flow, your transactions-your business.

Now you can find out your business' cash position right away - and act instantly on this information. Online Business Banking Solutions puts fast, full-time financial control in your hands. You can transfer funds to cover anticipated debits.

While making your company's cash work harder, Online Business Banking Solutions can also make your job easier by delegating certain tasks to your staff, with the confidence that their access and abilities will be restricted as you specify. The features that are available include:

Manage your accounts at your convenience

  • Review a consolidated picture of all of your California International Bank, N.A. accounts, including checking, savings, money market and more.
  • Review a daily statement of activity for the current month.

View paid check images

  • See an image of each check your business issues on the day it is paid.
  • Verify that the party you sent your check to has received it, and when.
  • Print your own copy for up to 90 days after it is paid.

Transfer funds between your accounts at California International Bank, N.A.

  • Move idle funds to higher earning savings or money market accounts for greater earning power
  • Move funds into your checking account from savings to cover checks you have written
  • Transfer funds to savings to save for a future event or purchase

Email alerts automatically keep you aware of account activity

  • Be notified if your account balance exceeds or falls below amounts you specify
  • Be notified when wire transfers or ACH transactions are received
  • Reduce identity theft opportunities by keeping aware of your account activity

Click to ask one of our electronic banking specialists about Business Banking Solutions services tailored for your company or personal needs.

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